Advantages of attending a community college

Disadvantages of Community College

No matter what your interest, you are sure to find a program that fits your needs. Final Word Community college can be a perfect choice for students who wish to save money and reduce their dependence on student loans. The American Association of Community Colleges reports that almost half of all high school graduates attending community college hold a part- or full-time job.

Smaller class sizes If you find that you thrive in a smaller, more intimate learning environment, a community college could be the perfect place for you. While community colleges offer plenty of general courses, they also offer very specialized classes and majors. Cost We know, we know.

The Pros & Cons of Community Colleges

Many community colleges list their average class size at 25 to 30 students; larger universities, on the other hand, have some classes that hold upward of students.

To be fair, universities may have flexible class schedules as well, especially if they have a large population of commuter students. This is a myth. This can be a boon for students who want a less competitive and more nurturing atmosphere, Argento says.

You also have to consider the extra costs of gas, car maintenance, and other living expenses. Cost, she adds, is arguably the most common reason people choose a community college over a four-year university. These recommendations depend on strong relationships. Students who transfer to a four-year school after attending a two-year college have less time to build these important relationships.

The challenges these professors face are real. Even at a large community college offering a wide range of classes, you may not be able to earn two years worth of credits. There are over 1, community colleges in the United States serving 11 million students.

Attending community school gives students the opportunity to earn college credit while taking the time to select the 4-year institution that is right for them. It is best to talk to a counselor at a four-year college to find out if the course can be transferred, but you will need to know which university you plan on attending for your last two years.

Community college also gives you the opportunity to earn an associate degree before you transfer to another school, which can lead to higher earnings. Additionally, professors can help students secure spots at art shows, get a seat in the orchestra or have an advantage during auditions.

Turns out, there are plenty of advantages to attending a community college, often before moving on to a four-year university later. The workload, unfortunately, is lighter than a state school or private university and attendance is not usually required. There are usually fewer classes offered that can be transferred to a four-year university, so if the plan is to go to a community college for two years and transfer all of your earned credits, this may not be possible.

Always talk to a guidance counselor at your community college to find out which classes will transfer easily to the four-year school you have in mind and, just as importantly, what final grade is required for those credits to be accepted.

Benefits of Community College Community colleges give students a lot of options when it comes to degrees and career training.

Housing Along with flexibility in working and paying for school, attending a community college also enables students to make a choice in where they live. Once you are enrolled in a four-year college, you can focus on the classes you want to take as part of your major, rather than spending time and money on the classes you need to take.

However, it is also true that certain classes that you might assume are transferable are not. Since most of the professors have full-time jobs outside of teaching, many of them stick to teaching nights and weekends, she adds. Many accomplished instructors teach part-time at community schools to allow plenty of time to focus on their own pursuits and career goals.

Many classes are not transferable Con: Everyone thinks this is the biggest, most talked about benefit, and it is. Support Services Community colleges offer numerous support services including tutoring, study skills workshops, academic advising, counseling, and career planning.

Students who want to become nurses or radiology technicians, for example, may benefit more from attending a community college. While some four-year programs exist for technical degrees like nursing, you can also get it done in two-years at a community college where you will likely do clinical field work at a local hospital.

For example, every freshman and sophomore has to take Englisha natural science class such as biology or chemistry, U. Many tenured professors at four-year schools do research or have to meet publishing commitments as part of their employment contract.

The Benefits of Attending a Community College Essay example Words 4 Pages A look back at the institution of education over the past 20 years will reveal that once upon a time a bachelor’s degree was long since considered the marker of ultimate success, the highest level of achievement that one could make in their lives.

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If you’ve been debating whether to attend community college rather than go to a four-year university, consider the following disadvantages of community college vs. the advantages of attending community college. The American Association of Community Colleges reports that almost half of all high school graduates attending community college hold a part- or full-time job.

Advantages of Attending a Community College

Community college enables students the flexibility to pursue their career while also fulfilling their higher education goals. Of course, there are also drawbacks to attending a community college. 1. Limited Course Offerings. The CCRC states that 81% of community college students intend to transfer to a four-year university upon graduation.

Knowing this, community colleges offer a high number of basic classes that will easily transfer to a four-year school. Learn the advantages of attending a community college before you make your final college decisions. There are many benefits to beginning your college career at a community college.

The quality of education is comparable to traditional institutions of higher education, tuition is more affordable and the schedule is more flexible.

4 Advantages to Choosing a Community College Over a University Advantages of attending a community college
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4 Advantages of a Community College vs a University