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The first illustrated edition of the play text was produced as a large-format artist's book by the Old Stile Press, with images and an afterword by the British artist Clive Hicks-Jenkinsin For example, in one woman in Colorado died and another was seriously injured when they attempted to procure an abortion by taking pennyroyal oil.

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Five Finger Exercise includes Louise, overly proud of her French ancestry, and Walter, the young German tutor who wants desperately to become a British subject.

But it is never said in the play that she dissatisfied with her life, in the WSU-production there are times when she appears sad about the relationship with the psychiatrist but she never lets this feeling interfere with her opinion about the treatment of the boy. He apologizes for not making much sense and begins to explain what happened, saying it all began with a visit from his friend, a jurist named Heather.

He says that when he and Nugget get to the field Nugget is reluctant to go in: They sit together on one of the on stage benches to the left. If we are condemned for our actions in our dreams, then all of us are guilty of transgressions. Because Shaffer is a twin, Jules Glenn suggests that his various pairs of male characters embody the conflicts and complementary satisfactions typical of twins.

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Alan used ritual and self flogging to transcend the everyday. Do these parallels extend to the experiences themselves.

The actors portraying horses in Equus are masked figures. Dysart himself responds with teasing good humor, eventually telling the nurse to take Alan back to his room Alan lives, and Dysart works, in a psychiatric hospital.

Superbowl Sunday is an American ritual. Hesther reminds Dysart that it is his job to make Alan normal again, but Dysart questions the value of what society views as normal. Jill, who had taken an interest in Alan, had asked him to take her to a porno theater. Agreeing with Stanley that the new tutor is a needless expense draws reproach from Louise.


Alan says the idea is stupid, but takes the tape recorder anyway. The lie is a very versatile weapon. This is particularly true for cervical cancerthe most common type of which occurs in 1 of every 2,—13, pregnancies, for which initiation of treatment "cannot co-exist with preservation of fetal life unless neoadjuvant chemotherapy is chosen ".

“Equus” by Peter Shaffer

On the other hand, the dream in Scene 5 is actually a fairly literal representation of the doubts Dysart refers to in his opening speech, as well as on several other occasions in the play.

It was torn down by Frank after one of their frequent fights about religion and replaced with a photograph of a horse that pleased Alan immensely. While she achieves a moral victory in that she sees and tells the truth in the end, she is forced to return her fortune-telling fee to the belligerent male antagonist and thereby faces an ethical defeat.

Because the psychiatrist through Alan becomes aware of this lack of excitement in his life, the psychiatrist almost refuses to treat the boy, since he is convinced that Alan will become as numb as he is. Laing — Controversial Scottish psychiatrist and psychological theorist, born in Glasgow in Shrivings includes an American secretary and an English poet who spends most of his time on the island of Corfu.

Are either of them tragic heroes. Through most of its history the Catholic Church was divided on whether it believed that abortion was murder, and it did not begin vigorously opposing abortion until the 19th century.

On their walk home, Alan made two important discoveries: As Alan confesses that he stole a key to the stable and copied it, Dysart guides him into a memory of one of the nights when he rode. But the horses still use their hooves to underscore dramatic changes in the play.

Dysart suggests the horse is like Jesus; and Alan enthusiastically agrees this refers back to the picture of the tortured Christ Alan purchased, and which Frank tore down, in Act 1 Scene Admitting that he is writing a review of a performance of the Greek play Electra triggers one more paternal lecture on the really useful pursuits in life.

Her daughter Pamela is aware of the family politics but is never permitted significant access to the actual struggles played out among the older members of the family, since she is only fourteen. Alan stares at Jill. When Dysart asks for details, Frank tells him to ask Alan.

Action flows smoothly from one scene to the next without breaks for blackouts or scene changes.

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Dysart asks probingly from the sidelines how Alan felt, how he felt about Jill, and whether he ever took her out. Equus () is a play written by Peter Shaffer (), about a boy, Alan, who blinded six horses with a spike, and was sent to a psychiatrist Dr Dysart for a treatment. The stage play was first produced in in National Theatre in London.

Peter Shaffer’s play “Equus” reads like a true tragedy blending religion and adolescence while questioning society’s “civilized norms”. Although Alan Strang seemingly suffers the most throughout the story, the true tragic figure in the play is Dysart, Alan’s psychiatrist.

Peter Shaffer. Equus. Peter Shaffer.

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Five Finger Exercise. Peter Shaffer. The Royal Hunt of the Sun. Peter Shaffer. Popular Study Guides. Translations. Brian Friel. The Journey to the West. Wu Chengen. To some, Peter Shaffer’s controversial play Equus () may be guilty of such a crime: disenchanted with Psychiatry’s view of human behavior, Equus adopts an alternate perspective that unfortunately commits the same mistakes as the target of its criticism.

At the same time, however, “[a] philosopher who prefers a good argument for a bad. Shaffer’s first stage play, Five Finger Exercise, was produced in He followed it with the paired one-acts The Private Ear and The Public Eye in In Shaffer cowrote, with noted stage director Peter Brook (Marat/Sade), the screenplay for Brook’s film adaptation of William Golding’ s.

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