Jesus as a christian leader essay

The leadership style that Jesus taught and modelled was neither about command and control, nor status and power.

Reflection How do you compare to the leadership role model of Jesus.

Christian Leadership

Another facet of our leadership is to serve others rather than to be served. And, Jesus expected that same willingness to serve other people from his disciples.

You can enquire about Growing the Servant Heart by emailing: Such leaders gain much of their inner strength and stability from the fact that they have reflected long and hard on their lives, the church, and the Bible, and are convinced about what God wants. So he went to her, took her hand and helped her up.

They gain status because they exercise power over others to achieve their goals. A perfect example of this was in was in his healing of a man with leprosy.

It may be that you have never looked at Jesus as a leadership role model.

Jesus Leadership Style: Ten Perspectives for Christian Leaders

This includes some 14 hours of video tutorial plus exercises to reinforce learning. The bringing together of these two men showed the power of Jesus to merge diverse people.

He freely relinquished his identity as known by his secular achievements. It implies recognizing their needs without judging themand then doing what can be done, in line with the higher purpose of serving God first, to help satisfy that need. A Kingdom enterprise requires a distinctively Christ-centred leadership style, following the example of the Servant King.

In the Gospel, according to Matthew chapter 4the first two people that Jesus called were fishermen who also were brothers. He also came to serve man Matthew If someone is already a committed servant of God and of others, they need to employ their leadership gifts to serve others as a leader with the right use of power and with love.

When you read the first chapter of Mark, there are some distinctive traits of Christ that every team leader can learn from. In the end, they nearly always forfeit their following. Most people are suspicious of leaders anyway, and will test leaders by threatening not to follow.

The development and growth of followers into servant leaders inherently requires that the servant leader passes power on to them sharing powerso that they can also grow in using that power to serve others according to the higher purpose.

There can be no doubt or question that Jesus Christ was the greatest of all leaders known to man. As such, this is a model that should have primacy in Kingdom service. It shall not be so among you … Where do Christians learn about leading people. Therefore, the servant leader invites feedback especially from God — through prayer, Bible reading, and communication with spiritual mentors — and from the people being served.

Someone, who is already a leader, but who wants to become a servant leader, also needs training, encouragement and feedback, but they need a conversion towards servanthood much more. Often they may be para-church organisations but a church may also be called to a specific ministry, which in itself is effectively an enterprise.

When people sense that a leader is more concerned about being followed than about what God wants, they grow cynical about following. Here are some examples of his daily practice. I think this is so important as it pertains to character is that it gives us the opportunity to learn who we are, and the ability to correct or work on negative flaws we do have so we do not unwillingly pass these flaws to others.

The following verse is one of my favorites, which led me to better understand servant leadership. There are some implications worthy of note that arise: This commitment must then be strengthened again and again. Without a serving heart it is almost impossible to become a servant leader.

Essay about Jesus as A Christian Leader - INTRODUCTION There is nothing in my view that is as organized, explicit, inspiring, motivational, frightening, and funny all at the same time as the Bible – the holy book in Christianity.

Essay on Jesus As a Christian Leader - Leadership has no consistent definition. In my opinion, leadership basically entails the ability of a person to influence, motivate and inspire others. Free Essay: LIBERTY THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Theology of Christian Leadership LEAD – D01 LUO The Life of Leaders December 11, Table of Contents I.

Jesus was a great strategic leader who changed the world in many ways. Close study of what he did and how he did it reveals a pattern of behavior that is extremely useful and. Applying these considerations of Jesus as a role model for Christian leaders we can see that, from a Biblical perspective, a servant leader is a person, who is: Christ-centered in all aspects of life (a voluntary servant of Christ).

The Inner Life Of The Christian Leader Words | 6 Pages. THE INNER LIFE OF THE CHRISTIAN LEADER Introduction We serve an awesome God. For those of us studying ministry however we quickly learn that there is more to Christian leadership than just .

Jesus as a christian leader essay
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9 Characteristics of Jesus as a Leader - Like A Team