Prevention of natural disasters essay

The guidelines on management of earthquake, chemical disasters, and chemical industrial disasters were finalised during the Plan period.

Later the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean which devastated coastal communities in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry and Andaman in became the tipping point for initiating a series of steps by the government.

The other states and UTs are in the process of constituting the same. The most important is the early warning systems. A circle of appropriate radius is drawn around each station.

Many regions in India are highly vulnerable to natural and other disasters on account of geological conditions. For, just a year later inthe seismologists could not predict the Tangshan earthquake.

So inured are we to the annual phenomena of floods in season, that one more village practically washed away by a flash flood causes no more than a ripple. These regions usually have strongly built houses to withstand the storms. Over the last two-and-a-half centuries, 17 of the 22 severe tropical cyclones—each causing loss of more than 10, human lives—took place in the North Bay of Bengal.

The IMD has published the tracks of the cyclones since and updates them every year in its quarterly scientific journal, Mausam. Based on seismic data and different geological and geophysical parameters, the Bureau of Indian Standards BIS had initially divided the country into five seismic zones.

Compared to the pre- monsoon season of May, June, when severe storms are rare, the months of October and November are known for severe cyclones.

For example, after an extremely active cycle from towith 14 earthquakes of magnitude greater than 7. Due to this nature, avoiding them is almost impossible. The phenomenon that really ought to engage the minds of planners is how and why the flood-prone area in the country is increasing each year.

How to Avoid Natural Calamities and How to Prepare for Them

To protect against natural calamities, safety measures need to be taken at all levels. Due to poor communication and inaccessibility, complete information is not always available.

Earthquakes in India are caused by the release of elastic strain energy created and replenished by the stresses from the collision between the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate. The magnitude is a measure that depends on the seismic energy radiated by the quake as recorded on seismographs.

From the record, called a seismogram, it is possible to find out how strong the quake was, where it began and how long it lasted. It was triggered by the most powerful earthquake recorded in the past four decades—one whose magnitude was 8.

But, in a few cases like flash floods, microburst, etc. Sometimes, the sea seems to at first draw a breath but then this withdrawal is followed by arrival of the crest of a tsunami wave.

Natural Disasters on Earth: Essay on Natural Disasters (9069 Words)

Scientists have suggested designing buildings to counter quake movement by shifting the centre of gravity with the help of a steel weight placed on the top of the buildings. This has led to a threat from a set of natural hazards like pollution, global warming and ozone depletion on large or global scale.

How to Avoid Natural Calamities and How to Prepare for Them

Also called the Mediterranean Belt or Alpine-Himalayan Belt, it accounts for about 21 per cent of the total seismic shocks. Computer systems at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre PTWC in Hawaii monitor data from seismic stations in the USA and elsewhere warning is issued when an earthquake is shallow, located under the sea or close to it and has a magnitude that is more than a pre-determined threshold.

The waves of very, very long wavelengths and period rush across the ocean and increase their momentum over a stretch of thousands of kilometers. Mar 11,  · possible to predict most natural disasters and minimize their consequences, major social impacts still have been seen over recent decades.

In this essay, a natural disaster is defined as a naturally occurring event that exerts adverse effects onto human society, including those caused by geological factors and infectious organisms. Essay on Haiti and Natural Disasters - Haiti is a well-known country for having the worst natural disasters and other bad mishaps.

Many people have been hurt, killed, or died in ways never thought possible. An Essay On How Early Warning Systems Can Lessen Casualties During Natural Disasters Words: Pages: 9 Paragraphs: 31 Sentences: Read Time: Experts can recognize the conditions that lead to avalanches by studying terrain, snow and weather in an area; they can predict tornadoes and hurricanes 12 to 24 hours in advance.

NATURAL DISASTERS A natural disaster is a major adverse event, which can cause loss of life or property damage, and typically leaves some economic damage.

Natural Disaster Prevention Paper Essays

Causes of Natural Disasters. There are different types of natural disasters and depending on different types of disasters the causes are also different. For example, the causes of an earthquake cannot be the same as that of forest-fire.

NATURAL DISASTERS A natural disaster is a major adverse event, which can cause loss of life or property damage, and typically leaves some economic damage.

There are many types of natural disasters: avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis, blizzards, droughts, hailstorms, tornadoes, wildfires.

Prevention of natural disasters essay
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Natural Disasters on Earth: Essay on Natural Disasters ( Words)